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Boosted Board Bash Guards

Lightweight Aluminum Bash Guards!

  • Precision machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • Protects the nose & tail of your board while carrying & riding around town
  • Perfect fit replacement for all V2 & V3 boards (does not fit Mini) 
  • Variety of colors in a durable powdercoat

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Chromoly Steel Motor Mounts


High Strength Chromoly Steel Motor Mounts!

  • Precision machined from 4140 Chromoly  
  • Substantially stronger than Aluminum 
  • Additional protection for motors 
  • Made in a variety of motor combinations 

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Aluminum Boosted Board Skid Plates

Tough Aluminum Skid Plates protect your investment!

  • Precision machined from 6061 Aluminum 
  • Protects your board & belts from damage 
  • Perfect fit replacement for stock plates
  • Works with all V2 & V3 Boosted

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Boosted Board Armor Kit


- Includes: Aluminum Skid Plates, Bash Guards and Shock Pads -

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boosted board lock box

Everything you need to secure & protect your board!

  • Boosted Board Lock 
  • Battery Blocker
  • Riser Pads 
  • Lock/Tool Case 

Skate Kastle Locking Technology

Boosted Board Battery Blocker!

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