Skate Kastle

Skate Kastle Pulley Systems

Introducing our ESK8 Pulley Systems. Developed to meet the needs of the most strenuous riders and offer cutting edge technology to tune your board & wheels to your riding!


Developed With The Best

We started by using genuine HTD® curvilinear design tooth profile in our systems. 

Built and developed by The Gates Corporation's® the  HTD® tooth profile is the standard used for the stock pulleys and belts by Boosted Boards and Evolve Skateboards. 


Tune Your Ride

 Start by choosing your core... Abec, Kegel or both? Then choose between four ratios for your Boosted Board and five for your Evolve Skateboard to tune in your riding style or get those new big wheels turning at the speed you need. 

Can't decide what ratio's for you? Get several and swap between them based on your wheel combos or the day of the week!   


Cutting Edge Design

  At Skate Kastle our motto has always been to provide the best products for your board.

With our new two-piece pulley design we bring new levels of adaptability and riding style tuning to your board with top of the line components.

Speed & belt Guide