Skate Kastle

Skate Kastle chromoly Motor Mounts

High Quality Chromoly Steel

Skate  Kastle's philosophy has always been about protecting your board and offering the strongest products available. We start by selecting high strength 4140 Chromoly steel to ensure the highest quality end product. 

We design our precision  machined mounts from 3/8" Chromoly to combat the high stress and demanding fast paced environment of today's electric skateboarder. Wherever possible we have improved upon and strengthened our offering from the current products available on the market.

Broken motor mounts

Current aluminum mount problems

Aluminum motor mounts have well documented breaking problems. From DIY offerings to some of the bigger electric skateboard manufacturers this has continued to plague the market:

- Prone to cracking and breaking at the truck mounting area
- Doesn’t protect the end of the motors from damage
- Motor mount bolts need to be tight due to the vibration and torque. Tightening bolts down so they don’t slip can compress and weaken aluminum

- When the mount does break it can be catastrophic, potentially needing to replace the motor and damaging the board

The science and numbers behind it all

We selected a high grade Chromoly steel with some of the strongest properties. 

4140 Chromoly Steel vs. 7075 Aluminum: 

- Shear Modulus: 11,600 ksi vs. 3,900 ksi

- Elastic Modulus: ~30,000 ksi vs. ~10,400 ksi

- Hardness, Brinell: 197 vs. 150

- Tensile Strength: 95,000 psi vs. 83,000 psi

Evolve Skateboard motor mounts

Our Evolve Skateboard Motor Mount Solution

We originally developed the mounts for the DIY market but due to the demand and frequency of Evolve Skateboard motor mounts breaking on stock boards also released an upgraded Evolve Skateboard motor mount replacement for current owners. 

In addition to the Evolve Motor Mounts for the DIY'ers we are also coming out with a Caliber / Torque Board motor mount for the DIY electric skateboard market, sign up for the newsletter to stay tuned!