Skateboard locking technology

Skate Kastle Boosted Board skateboard lock for longboard protection and security.

Freedom like never before

Going into class or a college lecture? Grabbing a coffee or running some errands? Running into the mall or going to the beach? No longer haul your board around with you everywhere, use our skateboard lock to secure your board while freeing up yourself to do the rest.

High security coverage

Bringing the best from bike lock security to the skateboarder, a case hardened u-shackle securely fastens your board to any bike rack or pole. Unique patent pending housing covers and secures the trucks to the board by preventing access to the truck mounting nuts so they can't be removed. 

 Secure your Boosted Board outside while you run errands, go to class and live your life!

Now offering a high security Battery Blocker to give you additional peace of mind while you're away!

Easily Portable

Now that you can lock your board up when you need to, how do you carry the lock while you skate? Our lock's unique design clam-shells together for easy carrying and portability in either your back pocket or backpack. Simply fold it together and use the strap to quickly store it as one piece. 


Case Hardened steel U-shackle

12.7mm cold forged steel U-shackle, case hardened and powder coated for durability and protection. Bringing the best in technology from  bike locks to the skateboarding world while easily allowing you to secure your board at any standard bike rack or sign post.    

Patent Pending Revolutionary design

Experience skateboarding like never before, no more carrying your board in with you everywhere you go. Easily secure it outside when you need with a proven hardened steel U-lock shackle. Expand your freedom to go easily go anywhere in the city with your board.

Kingpin Key technology

Skate Kastle's patent pending Kingpin Key technology prevents the backing out or removal of the kingpin bolt. The Kingpin Key securely supports the base of the kingpin bolt. Even with the kingpin nut removed the truck hanger stays fixed in place and can't be removed. 


Battery Blocker

Our new Battery Blocker secures your battery while your board is locked up. Installs with no modification in place of the battery mounting plates. High security with a proven industrial design, designed to be durable and lightweight. Our sleek Patent Pending design still makes it easy to remove your battery when needed. 

Our sleek patent pending Battery Blocker helps give you additional peace of mind and keeps your battery secure when you're locking up your board! 

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