Skate Kastle's Story

Skate Kastle was the idea of decades of skateboarding, years of carrying longboards into class, hiding them in trees, bushes and other shenanigans led by not having a skateboard lock led to our development. 

Made by skateboarders for skateboarders we create top of the line products for the longboard and evolving electric skateboard market. Specializing in the manufacturing of revolutionary Boosted Board locks, Aluminum Bash Guards, Chromoly Steel Motor Mounts and other innovative ESK8 accessories. 

We strive to innovate and provide the highest quality products available. 

Our goal is expanding the freedom of skateboarders to go anywhere with their boards.

How we do what we do

High Strength Steel

Measuring and cutting steel rounds for Boosted Board locks, skateboard and longboard security locks

We start with the highest quality steel rounds for our skateboard lock U-shackles. 

Precision CNC


We create and produce some of our high quality products on the trusty Tormach CNC machines. 

20 Tons of Force

10,000 pound press, manufacturing a boosted board lock, skateboard and longboard security locks

The Edwards 20 ton horizontal press in action notching one of the steel rounds. 

Bendy the Bender

Bendy making boosted board locks, skateboard and longboard locks and security devices

The Edwards bender flexing it's muscles with our custom made dies. 

Our Facilities

Boosted Board lock, skateboard and longboard lock manufacturing facility

Some of the other manufacturing equipment we have in the shop.

Our Founder


Designs and tests all our products with decades of skating experience.... picture taken circa 92'

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